Saturday, 26 May 2012

LIFE .. such a Perfect Bliss ..

It is nothing to scared about
Nothing we can't do
Just let it be as a part of life
We can make it good
We can make it right
We can make the shadows turn to light
It is some kind of Perfect Bliss

Have i got a perfect bliss in my life? Life? What does it means? Life is short and brief..The adage that we always heard.As for me,it is not important whether our life is short or not as we have to enjoy our life.. Truthfully,I enjoy it to the fullest.What is the things that u treasure the most in your life? When people asked me that kind of question,i'll simply answer in juz a second "Enjoy Ur Life" of coz..

  Life as u wish and of course devotion to God is the first n foremost..
 قال تعالى :
Maksudnya:“Tidaklah Aku jadikan jin dan manusia, kecuali agar mereka beribadah kepada Ku”
(Az-Zariyat: 56)

As Tom Hanks said :
 'Life is like a bottle full of variety chocolates,u'll never know what are u going to get'.  
This year,i'll sit for an exam known as SMU(bdk skolah arab jer mcm sy ni ;p) and next year of course, important exam,, SPM..Everyday,i pray and pray,hoping to get pass my exam with flying colours. I do really-really hope.

My principle of life is 
"our lives r not determined by what happens,not by what life brings to us,but the attitude we bring to life" 

-that's all .. bye2-

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