Saturday, 20 April 2013

SPM ?/

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). Ohh,it's coming. Did u get me ? I'm gonna sit for an important exam this year. Well,just about a few months more, A FEW MONTHS !! This is driving me crazy , ohh , crazy..crazy..crazy...n live while we're young. oppssie , what kinda i'm rambling of ? -,- Let me change the lyrics first . ready..ready..ready...n study while we're free. Erk ? i'm messing the lyric actually. lol .

Mind me telling myself , AIN !

To my dearest friends and the other SPM's victims , mind me telling u the same thing . 

 We're going to face it. So,just face it with a big heart !
Remember Kalamullah which means :
“Allah does not burden a soul beyond than it can bear.” (Qur’an 2: 286)
That means that you can face any obstacles and circumstances that had been written for you. 
Same like facing an exam,Allah has decided that you gonna sit for something (Bio,Physic,Chemi,etc) that u can face it. 

#Sorry to say for my bad writing. I'm trying to improve my English . Am i ? pfff ~
#May Allah bless u all always .
#Hari ini penamaan calon . xD

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